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Elena Bolelli

Elena was born in Bologna in 1995. She began attending ballet and modern dance lessons from the age of 4 at the Endas Ensemble, directed by Marika Mazzetti and Silvia Baioni, in Sasso Marconi.

At the age of 14, she moved to Florence and at 18 she was accepted to the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in England, where she graduated with honors.

During her third year at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, she was awarded a scholarship to study at the Jerusalem Academy, where she was first introduced to the Gaga movement language and its creator, Ohad Naharin.

In summer 2019 Elena was invited in Tel Aviv by Ohad Naharin, stable choreographer of the Batsheva Dance Company, Bosmat Nossan and Saar Harari, artistic director of Gaga, to attend the Gaga Teacher Training program, in order to learn and perfect this movement practice and be able to teach it all over the world.

A fundraising: why?

Hello everyone !


I am honored to have been selected among many candidates and to have been invited to take part in the Gaga Teacher Training Program in Tel Aviv.

It is a unique opportunity to grow as a person and as an artist, which nevertheless requires considerable economic commitments.

In the last year I have worked very hard to make this dream come true and leave for Tel Aviv, but, unfortunately, this was not enough to cover all the expenses.

The course has a duration of 12 months of active program and a total cost of Euros 8.500, including board and lodging.

I am extremely grateful for all the opportunities that life has given me so far, but I am aware that these must be constantly cultivated with work, passion, dedication and the unceasing desire to learn.

I thank anyone who wants to donate and help me concretely to support my path, whatever the amount will be!

dream big!

Donor list


Elisa Querci | 10€

Anonimo | 20€

Andrea e Simona Micheletti | 52,21€

Benedetta Bolelli | 52,21€

Letizia Perini | 21,06€

Anonimo | 15,87€

Anonimo | 21,06€

Elisabetta Bertozzi | 104,13€

Anonimo | 100€

Glenda Gheller | 21,06€

Anonimo | 5€





Graduated in 2017 at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance (UK) with a First class honor degree, in 2017/2018 Elena joined the post graduate company Verve, where she had the opportunity to dance on the National and International tour choreography by Matthew Robinson, Ihasan Rustem, Hannes Langolf, Lenka Vagnerova and Sita Ostheimer.

In 2018 she obtained a Master in Performing Art with Distinction at NSCD, Leeds, UK. In 2019 Elena was accepted into the Danish Black Box company, where she had the opportunity to work and dance in Denmark Sweden and South Africa, in choreographies by Jason Mabana, Stephanie Thomasen, Thomas Bentin, Marie BrolinTani, Tim Rushton.

Also, in 2019, Elena took part in the Workshop and creative process for the new choreographic production with the Marcat Dance company in Spain, directed by Mario Bermudez Gil and Catherine Coury.

From 2015 to 2019, she participated and was selected for several workshops and intensive courses such as: “B12” in Berlin, “The flying low intensive” directed by David Zambrano in Belgium, “Akram Khan Summer Intensive” in London and the “Excellence program at Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance”, directed by Melanie Berson. She worked with Andrea Costanzo Maritini, Tal Adler Arieli “Israeli Choreographers Workshop “: Classes of Gaga and Repertoire Workshops with the Batsheva Dance Company and Vertigo Dance Company, Batsheva Summer Intensive in Tel Aviv, IDW Budapest.

What is Gaga

Gaga is the body movement language developed by Ohad Naharin, parallel to his work as choreographer and artistic director of the Batsheva Dance Company.

Gaga was born from the belief in the healing power of the body through movement and the continuous evolution of it.

Gaga’s classes are based on a deep listening of the body and physical sensations.

Gaga suits all people who want to practice it, in fact, there is:

  • Gaga / dancers: which is the daily training of the Batsheva Dance Company, currently also taught to other dancers in Israel and abroad;
  • Gaga / people: open to the public and available to anyone, at any age, without the need for previous dance experience.

Gaga is not a “classic” lesson of contemporary dance or improvisation. It does not deal with making dancers or people better athletes but focuses on awareness and inner and outer listening of the body.

Gaga helps dancers to get away from their habits and work their bodies with new approaches and with the use of the imagination.

In Gaga the goal is to provide the participant with the knowledge and confidence necessary to use their body and their movement to connect with the world around them.

Gaga allows you to bring together a wide range of people with different backgrounds and experiences in a single space.

Therefore, GAGA is:

  • Connect to sensations: Gaga enables people to connect to sensations, powerful emotions, and movement in space and in life.;
  • Refresh yourself: Gaga generates happiness and flow and increases the ability to cope with challenges.
  • Wake up your body: Gaga connects people to pleasure, groove, and effort while strengthening and invigorating the body.

In recent years Gaga is also practiced by people with chronic diseases or serious diseases that do not allow complete body mobility, trying to create well-being, by using movement for the improvement or healing of the body.

My biggest dream is to be able to bring this exploration of movement to my country, Italy. I think it is very important to invest in dance, which is movement and knowledge of the body, connection between people and the space around them. Gaga is a very rich and incredible practice and I would really like to be able to offer my country this experience.

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